Light color fastens a pink veil with a dark pencil

Light color fastens a pink veil with a dark pencil pants seven or nine points jeans is better. The inside with white small vest or white long-sleeved render the clothes. If you want to add the black belt, so it is recommended that you put on a little white vest inside the veil or long-sleeved clothes render, under a white pencil pants, coat of dark or bright long coat, also can set of cowboy or bright colors Mainly used for clothing coat and shirt. Knitted fabrics: mainly used for clothing underwear and sports clothing series, but because of the development of science and technology, knit to thick, crisp development, gradually make knitted underwear externalization, woven, knitted fabrics as a supplement to the coat. Size problem, including the height and shape

easily dissolves in water

easily dissolves in water; Dye wet condition under the action of the sun, also easy to fade; Dyes and fiber texture combined with strong enough, also fade when washing. So, to make the cloth do not fade, with the exception of washing should be paid attention to when not long soak in hot water, soap water, caustic soda, don’t use a washboard or rub brush brush, can put some salt in the water when washing, and then rinse clean with clear water, is also a good way to prevent clothes fade, wear red is in summer is the most ideal prevent bask in clothes, , it can be not harmful to light reflection to the people to protect the face

Body shape model clothing

Body shape model clothing is accord with human body shape, the structure of the clothing, originated in the region. This kind of clothing, the general in form is into two parts, tops and . Jacket with the human body chest, neck, arm form fit; Bottoms are in with the shape of the waist, buttocks and legs, give priority to with pants, skirts. Cutting, sewing more rigorous, pay attention to the outline of clothing modelling and main effect. Such as suit fit type.
Type style style is loose, stretch cloth on the human body, in the form of a clothing style originated in the tropics. This clothing is not constrained by the body’s shape, relatively free casual, cutting and sewing process is given priority to with simple graphic effect.

because red light the longest

because red light the longest, but massively absorb the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, and other color is relatively weak, so the summer wear red clothes can prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent the skin is basked in. When the choose and buy clothes, you should choose soft red cotton clothes, also loose style, colorful clothes can play the role of cool, cheerful mood.
Then why wear white clothes is not the best choice? Although some extent light-colored clothing frank, but in the sun for a long time, under the irradiation of ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer, especially, what a dazzlingly white cotton clothing, often containing whitening agent on the clothing

Hybrid hybrid structure

Hybrid hybrid structure of the clothing is frigid zone shape and tropical style comprehensive, mixed form, and the characteristics of both cutting adopts simple planar structure, but to the human body as the center, the basic shape is rectangle, such as the Chinese cheongsam, the Japanese kimono. Will give a person the sense of vitality sunshine bright clothes, brunet department give a person the sense of mature, like white, in the middle, plain pure feeling of graceful and restrained to the person. But still see individual to interpret a variety of different color! Color yellow, don’t wear a bright yellow, and the color of the skin close, slightly bigger contrast. Behind what you say to oneself feeling, give oneself mood what impact such a problem, want to see you wear after your experience

when sending the mildew smell

when sending the mildew smell in the closet of clothes, you can add two tablespoons of white vinegar in the wash tub clean water and half a bag of milk, put the clothes in this special deployment of washing water to soak for 10 minutes, adsorption of musty on the clothes of vinegar, milk, and then, on the wash and rub on the left, right rub, wash with water shots, mildew was done not . Have often have such an experience: the rainy season, the laundry is not easy to dry, always have a terrible acid like mold. Sometimes, laundry not timely sun will also have this kind of bad taste. It is because you have no clothes really clean, attached to the clothing of mould multiply, discharge acid, produce peculiar smell. Mould belongs to fungi, mold, anaerobic detergent to wash not to drop

soaked with gasoline first

soaked with gasoline first, and then scrub with soap and water can be washed. 13, gum stains: touch the gum stains on , walls or other items, can use first cotton towel or cloth dipped in vinegar, then use the scrubbing stains, can be scrubbed clean. 14, tung oil stains: use gasoline first tung oil stains maceration, scrub with tofu, can purge. 15, plaster: wash with warm white wine. 16, iodine unclean: flour for. 17, mercurochrome unclean: use vinegar to wash. Generally speaking, dark clothes can make people look thinner, clothes let people look chubby. So, some fat girl in order to conceal his obesity, always set the relatively thick dark garment. Actually, don’t have the color such as white, pink, pale blue, pale yellow clothes away “love”. As long as successfully apply the collocation of color, design , can dress up the demeanour. (1) with dark straight stripe

lingerie other usually pay attention

lingerie other usually pay attention to cultivate, strengthen communication,
Girlfriend wear underwear of three point exposure in the spotlight, there are three men around, indecent photographs of shooting, photographer will also make her naked body, I really see not bottom go to, rushed up to her with clothes, angry will take her to leave the scene, but photographer grabbed me by the collar, blocking our way, I threw knocked him to the ground. The other two men rushing, surrounded by them I put my beaten black and blue. His girlfriend

lingerie infidelity affirmation

lingerie infidelity affirmation and you long separation. So she felt, single is not a single no difference, it’s a personal life. Plus when you are both not willing to compromise, because work at ordinary times is busy at the same time, ignore the importance of cultivating affection, all of this is your feelings the main reasons for the changes to come.
If you still have to continue, please make sure to solve the problem of the reality of separation. Otherwise, your marriage won’t last. Moreover, the separation of lovers or husband and wife, this kind of life style, no matter from psychological and physiological, emotional vulnerability itself is a communication. Of course, there are some couples, strong emotions

lingerie ticking time bomb

lingerie ticking time bomb, maybe when it was there.
Now, you have found the issue, if you can hold her cheating evidence is better. So when you and her divorce, can recover as much as possible.
Of course, things happened, it is not the proper way to escape, still need to face and solve.
Give yourself a prepared now, if she is cheating, whether can you forgive? If you can’t forgive, tend to consider a divorce. If you can forgive me, then find the cause of her cheating, and then suit the remedy to the case.
I think that the main cause