when sending the mildew smell

when sending the mildew smell in the closet of clothes, you can add two tablespoons of white vinegar in the wash tub clean water and half a bag of milk, put the clothes in this special deployment of washing water to soak for 10 minutes, adsorption of musty on the clothes of vinegar, milk, and then, on the wash and rub on the left, right rub, wash with water shots, mildew was done not . Have often have such an experience: the rainy season, the laundry is not easy to dry, always have a terrible acid like mold. Sometimes, laundry not timely sun will also have this kind of bad taste. It is because you have no clothes really clean, attached to the clothing of mould multiply, discharge acid, produce peculiar smell. Mould belongs to fungi, mold, anaerobic detergent to wash not to drop

soaked with gasoline first

soaked with gasoline first, and then scrub with soap and water can be washed. 13, gum stains: touch the gum stains on , walls or other items, can use first cotton towel or cloth dipped in vinegar, then use the scrubbing stains, can be scrubbed clean. 14, tung oil stains: use gasoline first tung oil stains maceration, scrub with tofu, can purge. 15, plaster: wash with warm white wine. 16, iodine unclean: flour for. 17, mercurochrome unclean: use vinegar to wash. Generally speaking, dark clothes can make people look thinner, clothes let people look chubby. So, some fat girl in order to conceal his obesity, always set the relatively thick dark garment. Actually, don’t have the color such as white, pink, pale blue, pale yellow clothes away “love”. As long as successfully apply the collocation of color, design , can dress up the demeanour. (1) with dark straight stripe

lingerie other usually pay attention

lingerie other usually pay attention to cultivate, strengthen communication,
Girlfriend wear underwear of three point exposure in the spotlight, there are three men around, indecent photographs of shooting, photographer will also make her naked body, I really see not bottom go to, rushed up to her with clothes, angry will take her to leave the scene, but photographer grabbed me by the collar, blocking our way, I threw knocked him to the ground. The other two men rushing, surrounded by them I put my beaten black and blue. His girlfriend

lingerie infidelity affirmation

lingerie infidelity affirmation and you long separation. So she felt, single is not a single no difference, it’s a personal life. Plus when you are both not willing to compromise, because work at ordinary times is busy at the same time, ignore the importance of cultivating affection, all of this is your feelings the main reasons for the changes to come.
If you still have to continue, please make sure to solve the problem of the reality of separation. Otherwise, your marriage won’t last. Moreover, the separation of lovers or husband and wife, this kind of life style, no matter from psychological and physiological, emotional vulnerability itself is a communication. Of course, there are some couples, strong emotions

lingerie ticking time bomb

lingerie ticking time bomb, maybe when it was there.
Now, you have found the issue, if you can hold her cheating evidence is better. So when you and her divorce, can recover as much as possible.
Of course, things happened, it is not the proper way to escape, still need to face and solve.
Give yourself a prepared now, if she is cheating, whether can you forgive? If you can’t forgive, tend to consider a divorce. If you can forgive me, then find the cause of her cheating, and then suit the remedy to the case.
I think that the main cause

lingerie after contact

lingerie after contact with her to meet her after work. But I’m in her work place left and right downstairs, waited for about 3 hours, time is 9 PM, as she has not come down, I’m a little worried, went up to her. Finally in an upstairs room found a studio, found her there, but the sight made me surprised.
According to the current performance, your wife is likely to be of the male has a very strong and keen interest. As for the performance is she really changed heart, seeking solace or pure, or have other attempts, it is not sure. All in all, her feelings for you, has been shaken

lingerie borrow money finally

lingerie borrow money finally collected thousand from three elder brothers, gave her.
Although the second day of the wedding held smoothly, but my in the mind very humbled, doing a thing I don’t think she really is too perfect, don’t give me leave a little leeway. So after that every time we visit her house, I hate.
She see me not pleasing to the eye, I don’t think she is pleasing to the eye. Just get along very embarrassed relationship. They often have something, will ask me to solve. Then she attitude to ease many, but this let me particularly awkward relation. PLS today, hope every mother in law to understand

lingerie free love parents

lingerie free love parents, can give the child some experience or opinion, it is best not to. Who also don’t lifetime smoothly, who also won’t life poor, perhaps who mix to which, only true love is the most important.
Now in some places, CAI li staggering, completely out of the reach of the other party and scope, it may be for the woman is a bad face or how, but for the man, is very big mental pressure and economic burden, just like you said, my daughter is living with somebody else, you want more, owe debts, is certainly to daughter with him. In addition, this year a lot of daughter, son-in-law filial piety is not worse than the son.
One day, I still as usual

lingerie course more

lingerie course more than even covered with a layer of deep shade, a person for a long time.
If at that time my wife respond more slowly, I can’t imagine the consequences. Every time I think of this kind of situation, my heart is dying. Write down the story today, just want to tell everyone, especially female friends, don’t easily showed, colleagues and strangers, this year what people about what is possible, about one thousand out of the penitence all too late.
It touches a lot to me, and since then, I began to try to give up drinking, smoking less, and she needed to go to the gym. Also perhaps now seldom ask for again, in most cases are others begged me

lingerie reason blame him

lingerie¬† reason blame him, but I think with her boyfriend feel whole body uncomfortable, in the face of her boyfriend back tears, I think he is poor, I really don’t know what to do.
Female colleague silent for half a day, at last she spoke this reason: “not that I don’t have money, but has paid off for you. If you don’t believe, you can ask your boyfriend, she accompanied him to bed for a week, would have to clear the debt.” I was shocked, what exactly is this situation?
She owes me money, not to me, is to accompany my boyfriend sleep debt? What reason is this? I hurriedly call her boyfriend